Welcome to Room 6!


We’ve had a busy term! Here we are in action! 🙂

This term we created a range of Poetry.  This was a favourite! Have you seen the class display outside the office? If not, go check out our work!

IMG_3849 IMG_3850 IMG_3851 IMG_3852

The children have been learning more about their writing, where they feel they’re at and why. They’re also learning to look at writing exemplars, level THEIR writing and choose their next steps.

IMG_3390 IMG_3410 IMG_3392 IMG_3411


We’ve been learning at HOW to use our REPS during school time to resolve conflict. Click here to see! Final

Our inquiry was communities. We’ve learnt what is a community and the children were given a range of tragic world wide disasters (e.g. Global Warming at an extreme, zombie apocalypse, nuclear war has forced humanity into space and there is now no land as the world is under water!), so how do the remaining humans band together, create a community to withstand the issue? The children did lots of collaboration and team worked to solve problems and create solutions to their given scenario!

IMG_3876 IMG_3874 IMG_3872 IMG_3871


Last but not least! Leni did lots of visits early this term! The extreme hot weather was too much for Princess Leni, so she spent time in a luxurious, air conditioned classroom! Lucky girl! 🙂