IMG_8829Reporting back to room5 from Zambia
we have spent the last 4 days in Mfuwe in the Luangwa National Park doing game drives in the morning and at night. We went on 5 game drives and saw a lot of wild animals and birds. My favourite animals were the lion’s leopard’s a pack of wild dog’s and hyaena’s. I liked staying at Mfuwe lodge because the wild animals would come right up to our deck. The most exciting part of this trip to the National park was watching the leopard sneaking up on an impala at night. The wild animals we saw were elephant, giraffe, hippo, bufflo, warthog, zebra, lion leopard, wild dogs, hyaena, mongoose, waterbuck and so much more. We are know back on thIMG_9066

IMG_9000e farm in Mkushi. Signing off from Mkushi Zambia Jack