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Welcome to our school, and in particular to Room 5 where you will find a group of Years 4-6 learners. We are one of two senior classes working alongside a complementary class. We welcome new students and will do our best to show respect to all. Please follow us as we promise to be regular bloggers from now on. Whaea Jill

As I Saw It…

This term, Room 5 has linked with Auckland Museum to work on a very important project commemorating Tuia 250 called As I Saw It.  It is about different points of view and understanding how people [...]

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Blogging about our Identity

We are all (including Whaea Jill) learning to write a profile to share on our class blogsite. We have also been thinking about what is appropriate to share. Tyler              [...]

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Writing Time

Our  writing time has seen students working collaboratively to support and "act like reflective teachers" to improve the quality of   each other's work.

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