Fantastic Eeeling!!!

Here we are with our school representatives, eeling in a local river for food for our Te Ra Whanau O Reporoa day tomorrow. We hope you are coming along to see it!

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Koru Garden whole school Environmental Day

On Friday 26 July, 2019 we split into our House Groups and moved through rotations in turn clearing our kai gardens, transplanting strawberries and laying four layers of mulch down Feijoa Lane. House representatives [...]

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Room 1 Learning in Term 2.

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Seesaw Maths

This Week in Room 1, we learnt how to do our maths learning activities using SeeSaw. We used the drawing, labelling and recording tools to complete our maths activities. These students did a great job [...]

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Fun with Fractions

In Room 1 this week we are learning all about halves 1/2. We made play dough together.  We then used  the play dough to make shapes and then we cut our shapes into 2 equal [...]

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We have some great actors in Room 1! Check out our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Play. Featuring Bria as Goldilocks, Zachary as Daddy Bear, Lachlan as Baby Bear, Harriet as Mama Bear and Whaea Rachel [...]

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Our 5 structure challenges you might want to try.

This is what you need: Jumbo popsicle sticks, pegs and clips   Here are the 5 challenges: Build a structure that can support the most possible weight. Build the tallest structure. Build the tallest structure [...]

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Kapa haka practises

We have been practising kapa haka everyday in the hall.  We went to the college today to practise on the stage with Matua Grant. We've been doing this for awhile and it is a very [...]

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Our beasts

This year we have been using Dojo in the classroom. We have been watching videos about Mojo on class dojo about taming the beast. The beast is inside of us and is made up of [...]

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PJ Day at Reporoa Primary

Today we have Pyjama day. We are going to wear our pyjamas all day. We won't forget that pyjamas are what we sleep in. Some people wore their dressing gowns, pyjamas and slippers. They are really [...]

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