Room 2 BLOG 2018

Click the above link to see Room 2 Blog.... Now click the link below to be taken to our Seesaw Blog link: https://blog.seesaw.me/reproom2 Welcome to Room 2 2018 We are collaborating with Room 1 this [...]

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Blogging about our Identity

We are all (including Whaea Jill) learning to write a profile to share on our class blogsite. We have also been thinking about what is appropriate to share. Tyler              [...]

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Writing Time

Our  writing time has seen students working collaboratively to support and "act like reflective teachers" to improve the quality of   each other's work.

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Rippa rugby

Kelly surprised us with a visit to our school last Friday.  Here's some snaps of a very good warm up activity that keys us into "being on the ball."             [...]

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Introductions by Whaea Jill

Introductions:  January 31, 2017   Here’s a story that I wrote Of some people that I took note, End of Term 4 they came to see What Room Two was like, but most of all [...]

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