Fantastic Eeeling!!!

Here we are with our school representatives, eeling in a local river for food for our Te Ra Whanau O Reporoa day tomorrow. We hope you are coming along to see it!

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As I Saw It…

This term, Room 5 has linked with Auckland Museum to work on a very important project commemorating Tuia 250 called As I Saw It.  It is about different points of view and understanding how people [...]

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Koru Garden whole school Environmental Day

On Friday 26 July, 2019 we split into our House Groups and moved through rotations in turn clearing our kai gardens, transplanting strawberries and laying four layers of mulch down Feijoa Lane. House representatives [...]

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Hello from Zambia

Hi Room5 we made it to Zambia so far I've been very busy at my uncle's farm. We have done some cool things like horse riding, shelling seed maze and fishing. I had a turn [...]

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another post from Zambia

Reporting back to room5 from Zambia we have spent the last 4 days in Mfuwe in the Luangwa National Park doing game drives in the morning and at night. We went on 5 game drives [...]

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Puppies at school!

Mrs Vine brought in puppies on Friday. They were fluffy and they were twins. One was a boy and one was girl. One was tired. One of the puppies liked Whaea Rachel and Ruby M [...]

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Ruud the Bug man

On Friday, last week the bug man came to school. He told us about lots of different bugs and he showed us George the weta. Wharekonehu and Mason, got to hold George the Weta first. [...]

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Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

For Maori language week  (Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori) We did some koru art We drew a koru on the whiteboard. Then we sat around the table and Whaea Rachel showed us what to [...]

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Smarties statistics

On Friday we used smarties for our statistics learning, here's what we did. We tipped the smarties out of the box onto the piece of paper. We put them into their colours. We made tally [...]

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We are investigators!

We wanted to find out which was the best colour. First we coloured in the square piece of paper with our favourite colours. Then we wrote our names on top of our colours. We stuck [...]

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