School clothes need to allow children to freely participate in all learning activities including physical activity. It is also important to send children to school prepared for a change in the weather as this can happen very quickly in Reporoa!

We have no compulsory uniform at this stage. Parents will be canvased on their opinion of this from time to time and the school will make changes if the community is in strong support.

As part of respecting themselves, it is important that our students realise the value of a tidy and clean appearance.

All children must bring swimwear every day during the swimming season. Teachers will make decisions about swimming on the day depending on the weather.

We have a school activities uniform that is worn when students are representing our school.

All items of clothing must be clearly named. 

Lost Property

Lost property is hung on the rack outside room 1, which is available for parents to check. Lost property will be displayed at the end of each term to be claimed. If unclaimed at the end of term, it will be donated to charity.