Reporoa School Curriculum

Integrated Concept Inquiry using SOLO:

Reporoa Primary School has been working with Julie Mills from the Learning Order to develop a two year (8 term) concept inquiry plan using the SOLO taxonomy. The subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Health, P.E, The Arts and also Te Reo are integrated into the concept inquiry each term. This cycle begins in 2016. The concepts for each term are:

Term: Concept: Key Understanding: Driving Question:
2017 1 Identity I am unique and I belong What makes me who I am?
2017 2 Systems Systems are inter connected How are they connected?
2017 3 Functions Purposes of a gadget, gizmo or item How does a gizmo work?
2017 4 Financial Capability Making choices about money Money smarts
2018 1 Communities Belonging to something common Who do I connect with?
2018 2 Change From one state to another How does this change?
2018 3 Exploration If you look you shall find Where shall I go today?
2018 4 Global World Bigger than just us! How are we connected?