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Take a look at the mahi teachers have been doing today at our teacher only day!

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Masterchef at School

  In our Learning Zones we have added a baking zone. Today we made cheese muffins. We made them with milk and eggs and flour and cheese. We took turns to add the ingredients and [...]

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Learning about the different spheres!

This week we looked at the geosphere. We learnt that the geosphere is made up of lots of different things like lava, rock, sand and pebbles - these are all non living things. Then we [...]

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We are scientists!

Our focus for inquiry this term is a science one - we are looking at earth systems and we will be looking specifically at the hydrosphere - all water found on, under and over the [...]

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Kapa Haka Practice

Every Friday we practice our Kapa Haka with Matua Grant. We love to do the Haka because it is so loud and we get to move our bodies around. We also learn to count using [...]

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Using the iPads in Room 6

During our reading rotations we use the iPads. We go on the iPads and we either read or listen to books on Epic books or we go on Eggy 100. Eggy 100 helps us to [...]

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The senior students are having a wonderful time at camp. On day one they participated in a beach education programme. Take a look at the photos!

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Our Learning about Identity

We have been learning that people are the same and different. Some things that make us the same are we all have shoes, we all have eyes but they are different colours. We learnt that [...]

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