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Using technology “Kaleidoscope” App and our Outdoor garden to hunt for patterns and shapes.


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Room 3 Children helping out in the Outdoor Garden

We took the opportunity and spent a delightful time in the garden laying our cardboard around the plants that our lovely working bee helpers had cleared around. Our class worked enthusiastically and our next step [...]

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Bike Day with Kath from Bike Taupo

The children had an extensive lesson on learning how to check and fit their bike helmets. Kath showed Room 3 children a helmet that had been in an accident and reinforced the message "always [...]

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Verbs in Room 3

Reading "Me and My Dog" by Margaret Mahy, Illustrated by Phillip Webb; led us to act out some of the verbs we discovered in the story. We hope you enjoy watching a vignette of Room 3 [...]

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Our first day at school thinking about how we are all connected - linking to our Inquiry of systems. A lot of fun and laughs together.

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