Reporting to Parents/Caregivers/Whanau

Reports in HERO

Every school needs a Hero! Every Student needs a Hero!

Hello Parents

We are delighted to introduce you to our student management, school reporting and communication system, Hero.

Should you need any additional help, feel welcome to email [email protected]

Hero enables you to keep up-to-date with all school communication through a modern computer browser or through the app. Note, Internet Explorer is not supported.

HERO instructions

Student Learning Conferences

SLC’s (Student Learning Conferences) are held mid-year. Bookings are made online through the ‘School Interviews’ website. A code is sent out prior to the SLC for parents to book a time. The SLC’s are 20 minutes and include SeeSaw and your child’s report, which is now online through our new Student Management System – HERO. Children attend the SLC with their parent and run the meeting following an agenda. They share their progress, learning and next steps.

To access 2022 booking for SLC’s, please click on the following link:


Use this booking link in electronic media, like your website, school app or an emailed newsletter: