Google Classroom

Log in Instructions

Google Log In Instructions Video
Google Log In Instructions for ipad

Each child has a google account which gives them access to their  online Google Classroom.

To log in to your child’s google account follow the steps below.

Step 1: open google

Step 2: click the grid or name circle in the top right hand corner of your computer

Step 3 Login to your child’s google account

Google email is: name last initial or initials if last name is hyphenated e.g. 

Password is child’s name initial and year 2020

E.g. jimmyt2020


Step 4: click the grid in the right hand corner and click classroom

Step 5: Your child should already be signed into their classroom

but if not click the class codes button to get your childs class code. And follow the steps below


Google Classroom Class Codes:


Room 1: s6gz5w2

Room 2: ku2w73f

Room 3: 4ad7b5y

Room 5: hm3ph2z

Room 6: mvddnpm