Healthy Food Choices!

Starting on the 12th October, Term 4 2020, Reporoa Primary School will be part of the governments ‘Healthy School Lunches’ programme. Every student at school will be provided lunch everyday of every week of every term until the end of 2021, when the programme will be reviewed. 

Numbers for the lunches are phoned in every morning and will be delivered to school before lunch time. There is no cost to you for this provision. All lunches meet the nutritional and food safety requirements. Lunches will be delivered to each classroom on Monday to Friday inclusive by 12:15pm, housed in insulated containers, with main meals individually packaged (all recyclable). Your child will still need morning tea and a drink bottle every day.

It is very important that we are informed through the office if your child has special dietary requirements. Please note, this does not mean diary preferences (likes and dislikes) but rather things that they must not eat for medical reasons. Please email with the necessary information (name, room number and dietary information). Please note, it would be safe to send your child with their own lunch on the first day if they do have specific requirements, as the office may not get to your email in time. We will communicate with Ka Pai Kai as soon as we know.

Please note that in an effort to limit packaging and rubbish, students will bring all rubbish from their morning tea back home in their lunch box.