Room 4 and 6 science – Will it float?

In week 8 our class spent Friday being and thinking like scientists, we asked questions, made guesses and then tested our ideas. There was lots of korero about heavy things sinking and light things floating. [...]

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Bake Sale!!

We have been learning about being Money Smart and how we can use our money to be generous to other people. We decided that we wanted to make a donation to the K Mart Giving [...]

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Rubbish Day – Zero Waste

On Thursday Kath from Enviro Schools came to visit us. We decided to collect all the rubbish from one day at our school and see how much there was. We tipped out all the rubbish onto [...]

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Our class Korowai

We decided to make a korowai because it was Maori language week - the wiki o the reo. We started by using crayons to colour our feather, we had to make sure there were no [...]

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Winter Sports

Yesterday we did Winter Sports. Rerewhakaaitu, Broadlands and Mihi school came to our school to join us on the school field. There were loads of different games like River Fish, Ultimate Frisbee, Kicket and Catch [...]

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Maths Learning Term 3

Our maths learning this term is around statistics and measurement. In statistics we have been collecting data around our favourite sports and our eye colours and showing our data using bar graphs. This made it [...]

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Technology Inquiry Learning

We have started on our Inquiry learning this term. Our focus is on technology and specifically the function of technology and design. We have explored the problem solving cycle and had a go a solving [...]

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Our new Book Nook

We have a new literacy area for Room 5 and 6 to use.  In the book nook we.... We do respectful learning about reading. We have lots of games like sight word fly swat, peg [...]

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Maths Learning

We are learning about measurement in our maths learning this term. We talked about how we can measure things - with a ruler, but also about how we can use lots of other things - [...]

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Masterchef at School

  In our Learning Zones we have added a baking zone. Today we made cheese muffins. We made them with milk and eggs and flour and cheese. We took turns to add the ingredients and [...]

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