At Reporoa Primary School we set very minimal home learning. We want your child to practice some reading and from time to time, complete a task or two related to their learning at school. We do not set busy, meaningless tasks that intrude on your family time and create stress.

When it is set, home learning is an extension of the school programme and supports, enhances, and consolidates teaching and learning. It provides a positive link between home and school.

The class teacher:

  • outlines expectations, routines, and suggested time requirements for home learning to students and parents at the start of the year
  • outlines and monitors the use of digital technology in home learning
  • sets home learning that reflects students’ individual needs and changing ages and stages, and reinforces teaching and learning
  • sets home learning which considers the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum, namely, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, thinking, and using language, symbols, and texts
  • monitors home learning and provides constructive feedback to students and parents
  • ensures students understand their home learning tasks and can work independently, where possible
  • communicates home learning concerns to parents.


  • are responsible for their own home learning
  • understand their home learning tasks and work as independently as possible.


  • encourage and support their children
  • provide feedback to the child and the teacher
  • communicate with the teacher if their child is unable to complete the home learning, or if family or other circumstances take priority.