Room 2 – Current Learning

We have been learning about onomatopoeia in room 2. Students researched a deisgn of the onomatopoeia they liked and then drew their own. We have some fantastics artists in our class. !

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Room 4 and 6 science – Will it float?

In week 8 our class spent Friday being and thinking like scientists, we asked questions, made guesses and then tested our ideas. There was lots of korero about heavy things sinking and light things floating. [...]

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Term 1 2022

Kia ora, This term we have been busy in Room 5 with lots of things happening. Some of which involved having swimming sport, and summer sports. The students had fun dressing up, and getting involved [...]

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Room 2 – Art Collage

This term our art focus has been learning about "Collage" The students had to choose a koru template and kowhaiwhai pattern to create and tear the pattern to make a collage. A koru is a [...]

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Creating dioramas

Term 1, Week 9 In Room 1 this term we have been learning about communities. Part of this has involved researching a country from around the world, and finding out about things like the geographical [...]

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Hi everyone, If your password for your Google Account does not work according to the instructions on the school website - try 2019 instead of 2020 on the end. Some passwords are 2019 while others [...]

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Some of our learning so far 2020…

We started by using a Growth Mindset template to help guide us through the whole year, to choose what is important to think about when we are working, e.g. our listening skills, and our focussed [...]

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Some of our learning so far 2020……

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Year 4 – Math task and strategy work

In math my year 4's have been working on understanding that equations can look different, but the information that the numbers give us are what we need to know and solve. Here is one of [...]

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Year 6 Girls Math Task

For the past three weeks my year six girls have been working on some geometric thinking and problem solving strategies. Here is what they have been working on lately.

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