Learning From Home

Please click on a button find appropriate learning for your child at home.

Google Classroom will be where the teacher posts daily learning.

A Flexible Mindset and Realistic Expectations

A positive attitude and a flexible mindset are key to make the online transition as smooth as possible. The entire world is imperfectly adjusting to a new reality, and nobody expects business as usual.

Classes will not continue seamlessly, and lessons will have to be rejiggered to work within the constraints of time and technology. Assessments are difficult to administer online and will be postponed or cancelled. Science experiments, maker projects, and physical activities that require specialized equipment or spaces may no longer be possible and will be optional. The school year will not unfold as planned, all curricular goals will not be met, and expectations should be managed accordingly. Rather, learning online presents an opportunity to apply creative solutions, learn some new tricks, connect students with teachers in a new context, and support each other by keeping kids stimulated and productively occupied.


  • Teachers will post to their google classroom daily. They will be available online between the hours of 9 and 3, but may not get to your requests/communications immediately. Teachers will provide timely feedback to work submitted online. Please have patience with this.
  • Reading, writing and maths will be available through the google classroom. Other options for children who needs extras can be found in the other links.
  • Learning is authentic and can occur online or offline (e.g. reading, exercise, drawing, playing, constructing, writing etc are perfectly acceptable virtual school day tasks that can be photographed, videoed or turned in via Google Classroom and/or Seesaw).
Google Classroom Instructions are here.
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