This year we have been using Dojo in the classroom. We have been watching videos about Mojo on class dojo about taming the beast. The beast is inside of us and is made up of our negative emotions. We have photos on our whiteboard about all the different negative emotions. When we feel these emotions, we put our names by one of the feelings.

P.K “This teaches us that negative feelings can’t be taken out of our emotional spirit but it can be tamed.”

Mojo and Katie tell us to:

  • take a deep breath
  • imagine a deflated red balloon tied to a box, as you breathe it fills up and all your troubles you have will float away
  • Sione “its ok to have these feelings: anger, annoyed, tired, anxious, sad, frustrated, shy, nervous and embarrassed”
  • its how we deal with our feelings that is important.

These suggestions will help us to tame our beasts when they pop up inside of us.