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Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa – warm greetings to everyone

Kia ora, Nameste, Talofa, Konnichiwa, Guten Tag , Gidday, Vannakkam, ni Hao, Kia orana, Hola, Salam, Sa wat dee kha, Dia Dhuit, Goeie Dag, Bonjour, Hello, (please let us know the greeting in your language if it is not here)

Korero from the Principal:

It is very hard to believe we are already half way through term 1! We are well into our mahi now. I can see a lot of quality teaching and learning going on as I move through the classrooms and I have tamariki keen to show me their learning and their progress too. We look forward to sharing this with you in term 2.

This week SeeSaw posts will start up. The purpose of SeeSaw is to communicate your child’s learning and progress with you. Make sure you have signed up and make sure you engage by giving your child some feedback. They love it when you do that! Thank you to those whanau who are regularly engaging in the SeeSaw posts and enjoy the sharing of your child’s learning. The children love it when you respond on SeeSaw to their learning. It is a huge motivator for them to keep trying their best.

Decades of research across many countries and by different researchers in the field of family involvement have supported the premise that children with involved parents are more likely to develop into knowledgeable, healthy, responsible, confident and caring adults (Avvisati, Besbas & Guyon, 2010; Patrikakou, 2008).

Last week you likely heard that many schools in Taupo were put in lockdown due to a police incident. I was involved in a hui with police and principals to debrief learning from this on Friday. We will have a lockdown practice in the coming weeks to test our systems and make sure we have our processes right. We do this several times each year. One of the huge issues is parent behaviour, so please make sure you listen to the police and to the school and stay away until lockdowns are lifted. More to come on this next week!

I have included some policy information below to remind you of our code of conduct and complaints policy. 99% of our whanau are amazing, but it is timely at the beginning of each year to remind you of the expectations at our school 🙂

Nga mihi,


Community Code of Conduct Expectations:

This is a policy in SchoolDocs for Reporoa Primary School. Thank you for following it when on our grounds or with our tamariki and staff.

Reporoa School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a reminder to all parents, caregivers, and school visitors that their conduct must support everyone’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and not harm it in any way.

The Code of Conduct applies:

  • to all conduct, speech, and action, and includes emails, texts, phone calls, social media, or other communication
  • while on school grounds or at another venue where students and/or staff are assembled for school purposes (such as a camp or sports match).

Standards of conduct

Reporoa School expects parents, caregivers, and visitors to:

  • treat everyone with respect
  • work together in partnership with staff for the benefit of students
  • respect and adhere to our school values
  • set a good example for students at all times
  • follow school procedures to handle any complaints
  • adhere to school policies and procedures (such as those listed below), and any legal requirements.

Examples of unsuitable conduct include:

  • threats, bullying, harassment
  • profanity/offensive language
  • insulting, abusing, or intimidating behaviour
  • racism or discrimination (e.g. based on ethnicity, religion)
  • physical aggression
  • deception/fraud
  • damaging school property
  • smoking, vaping, possessing, or using alcohol/drugs/other harmful substances on school premises or at another venue where students and/or staff are assembled for school purposes (except possession or use of alcohol in accordance with school policy)
  • placing unreasonable and excessive expectations on staff time or resources
  • pursuing a complaint or campaign, or making defamatory, offensive, or derogatory comments, regarding the school, its board, or any staff or students on social media or other public forums
  • wearing gang insignia on the school grounds. (This is not allowed under the Prohibition of Gang Insignia legislation, and anyone wearing it will be asked to leave.)

Dealing with breaches of the Code of Conduct

How Reporoa School deals with breaches of our Code of Conduct depends on the nature of the incident and its seriousness, and the process any witness or victim of the behaviour feels most comfortable with. Examples include:

  • documenting each instance of behaviour, including the date, time, place, who was present, what was said (verbatim if possible), how any witness or victim felt and/or responded
  • holding a meeting with the relevant person, the principal, and/or board chair (or their delegate) or appropriate staff member to discuss the problem and possible resolution
  • issuing a warning letter that outlines the problem and required resolution, and reminds them of the possible outcomes of repeated conduct
  • arranging a meeting, which may include restorative practices, as an alternative or in addition to the processes above.

Outcomes of breaching the Code of Conduct

If a parent, caregiver, or visitor acts or speaks in a way that contravenes the Code of Conduct, possible outcomes may include:

  • The school (principal, board member, or staff member) may ask a person to leave the school premises by revoking their permission to be on the school grounds, then asking them to leave under section 3 of the Trespass Act 1980.
  • Unacceptable behaviour of a criminal nature may result in the police being informed. For example, under section 241 of the Education and Training Act 2020, it is a criminal offence to insult, abuse, or intimidate a staff member within the presence or hearing of any student while on school premises or in any other place where students are assembled for school purposes. Other instances of criminal offending may occur where drugs are involved, an assault has occurred, or a person persists after being trespassed off school grounds.
  • In the case of behaviour amounting to harassment, a restraining order may be sought.
  • In some instances, it may be appropriate to refer behaviour to a third party for resolution. For example, a Facebook comment that contravenes this policy may result in a report to Facebook. If unacceptable behaviour occurs at a sports event or sports venue, then it may be appropriate to involve the governing body of that sport, event, or venue.

Complaint Policy:

From time to time there may be issues that arise for you. In my experience, these issues usually occur through lack of communication, or misread communication. We ask that you PLEASE come and see us first and foremost. Please follow the procedure below until you get the result that you need.

How can parents help?
Posting your frustration on social media DOES NOT help your child.

Having a good complain at the school gate DOES NOT help your child.

Come in and have a conversation with us. We will listen and act. We always gather the facts from all sides of the story as often as a parent you will only get one perspective on the matter. If, after a while, the issue starts up again let us know and we will continue to deal with it again. These problems sometimes take a couple of times before children learn. Let us do our job by communicating clearly and in a timely manner with us.

Star of the week: 

Ka rawe te mahi Iraia

You were nominated by several teachers for this weeks ‘Kindness Award’ well done! You have been showing kindness to others by pushing the juniors on the swings and helping out other tamariki during play breaks. Keep it up Iraia!



Senior swimming sports will be held at the college school pool on Thursday 7th March from 12.30 – 3pm. There will be length and also width races available, so we encourage everyone to participate. If you are able to make it that day and help out with place getting for the races, that would be much appreciated, just let me know. Our junior swimming display will be held at school. 


3v3 Basketball

We have a team heading to Rotorua each week to play basketball. The boys are all over excited as you can imagine but they are thoroughly enjoying it. A big thanks to our parents for supporting this all to happen. 

“I like the people we play, the opponents”, says Noah. “I like the pizza at the end”, says Hunter. 


RATS Duathlon

I have put out all the information on Hero, so if you are interested and looking for details please go and check there. 


Up and coming sports events this term


Event Event Date Registrations close Where
BOP Golf Fri 8th March Fri 1st March Springfield, Rotorua
School Swimming sports  Wed 7th March Not applicable  Rep College pool
Cluster Swimming sports  Wed 13th March Not Applicable Rep College pool
RATS Duathlon Tues 19th Mar Wed 13th Mar Rotorua bike park
CBOP League 9’s Tues 26th Mar Tues 19th Mar Puketawhero Park
Cluster Summer Sports Wed 27th Mar Not applicable  Rep College
CBOP Swimming Sports Wed 3rd Apr Tues 9th Mar Rotorua

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or suggestions.

Tanissha McNeil

[email protected]

From the Board of Trustees:

Reporoa Primary School Board
Casual vacancy for a parent representative

A casual vacancy has occurred on the school board for an elected parent representative.

The board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection.

If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to:


Kate Bowron – [email protected]

 OR Reporoa Primary School Board

 34 Massey Rd, Reporoa

by: 19th March 2024

Have you got our app downloaded for all current communications?

Other Notices:

School Account Details:

Account payments can be made directly to our school ASB account using online banking.  The account number is: 123155 0134517 00


Remember if you change address, get a new cell phone number or email address  to notify the school so we have up to date records. The office needs your up to date email address so the newsletter can be emailed out – thanks.


We are part of the governments healthy lunch programme. Children are provided lunch everyday. If they have any allergies, please let the office know so that allowances can be made. Children still need to bring a drink bottle (water only please) and morning tea every day.


Reminder – if your child is absent either text, phone and leave a message, or fill in an on-line absent form. We also are required to fill in the reason they are away, so remember to include this in your message – thanks.

Car Parks:

Please use the car parks provided at the front or back of the school. No vehicles are permitted on the school grounds except for staff or service vehicles.

Nãku i runga i aku mihi ki a koe – Yours with thanks

Richelle McDonald

and our team – Nikkole, Gemma, Tanissha, Steven, Pip, Jenni, Julie, Kylie, Maureen, Heather, Becky, Bridget, Kate, and Stephen.