Africa here we come

We are on our way to Auckland

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Another post from Zambia

Reporting back to room 6 from Zambia. We have spent the last 4 days in Mfuwe, in the Luangwa National park doing game drives in the morning and at night. We went on % game [...]

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Hello from Zambia

Hi room 6 Over the last few days I have been going horse riding with my aunty around the farm and playing with my cousin's pets. We helped the ladies shell the seed maze, they [...]

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Getting on the plane

So excited

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All about me

Hello my name is Joseph.In my family there’s my two brothers my two sisters my mum and my dad.My friends are Styles Nate Jp and sione.My favourite ice cream is boysenberry. My fravourites colour is [...]

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Reagan’s introduction about me

My name is Reagan.I am 8 years old.I have 2 brothers ,their names are Jack and Darcy.My mum and dads names are Scott and Melissa.I have 1 dog his name is Nigg.I have 4 friends [...]

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Graces introduction about me

My name is Grace I am, going to introduce myself. I am eight years old I go to Reporoa primary school. I have one pet they are chickens. My favourite sport is soccer and netball. [...]

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WALT: Use Coggle to plan our writing (an introduction for our blog). Draft and edit our writing. Publish our writing to our blog.  (Please read and comment) :-)

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First Blog

I like my friends. This is Reegan.

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Welcome to Room 6 – 2018!

Welcome to Room 6!   We've had a busy term! Here we are in action! :-) This term we created a range of Poetry.  This was a favourite! Have you seen the class display outside [...]

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